Flanders commemorates the First World War

War Memorial and Peace Carillons


Peace Carillions
Peace Carillions

The sound of tower bells can be linked to the quest for peace and reconciliation. This is especially the case for the more than thirty war memorial and peace carillons that were erected in different parts of the world during the last 100 years. The Network of War Memorial and Peace Carillons (WMPC) unites a number of their owners and players. The website https://www.peacecarillons.org/  gives an overview and description of the war memorial and peace carillons in the world.

The association between carillons and peace started in the First World War. From 1914 on, many bells were silenced by the terrors of war, and as a result, poets in Belgium, England, France and the USA dreamt that they would sound again when peace would return to the world. The Flemish peace carillons associated are Aarschot Peace Carillon, Peace Carillon in the Church of Our Lady, Aarschot (Belgium); Leuven, American Engineers’ Memorial Carillon and Clock (Belgium);  Leuven, Peace Carillon in Park Abbey (Belgium) and Ypres, Carillon of the Cloth Hall (Belgium).

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