Flanders commemorates the First World War

15th Flanders Remembers Concert in St Paul's Cathedral

On November 8, the General Representation organized the "Flanders Remembers" concert for the fifteenth time. This special edition, 100 years after the armistice of World War I, a unique location was chosen, the St Paul's Cathedral in London, and about 2000 guests were invited and received by minister-president Geert Bourgeois.

Among the guests, Ambassadors from the EU and the Commonwealth, British Members of Parliament, the Lord Mayors of London and Westminster and dignitaries of the Queen.

The main guests, however, were the veterans and organisations with whom Flanders has achieved such a successful collaboration during the past four years, “Flanders has worked closely with its British partners to bring attention to the ‘Great War’ Centenary and the message of peace in a dignified and meaningful way. The cooperation between Flanders and the United Kingdom is continued through this concert, thanks to a unique collaboration between British and Flemish artists under the direction of conductor Dirk Brossé”, Bourgeois adds.

“Commemorations such as these remind us of the sacrifices, but also of the solidarity of the soldiers who fought and died during the First World War. The Government of Flanders will endeavour to pass on this commemoration and the hope of lasting peace to the generations which will follow us, since the Armistice Centenary, in addition to emphasising the message of peace, also places Flanders on the map as an important international destination for peace tourists”, concludes Bourgeois.

General Representation of the Governement of Flanders in the UK

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