Flanders commemorates the First World War

German Military Cemetery Vladslo

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The cemetery was started during the first days of the Battle of the IJzer. After the war, more graves were brought in from other neighbouring burial sites. Now it contains over 25 000 graves. Among them is Peter Kollwitz, the 18 year old son of famous artist Käthe Kollwitz. At the back of the Vladslo-Praetbos cemetery, the “The Mourning Parents” form silent witnesses. She created it out of sorrow and love for her 18 years old son Peter who was killed in the area. In the run-up to the centenary, this site will be connected to the forest where numerous German war relics remain.

Duitse Militaire Begraafplaats
Houtlandstraat 3
8600 Vladslo
Always open


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